21 Savage wants Kylie, Tyga responds

21 savage wants kylie, tyga responds
21 Savage wants Kylie, Tyga responds

To add the the chaos in the last month of music. 21 Savage has been showing interest in Kylie Jenner, Tyga’s girlfriend.

Tyga took to instagram in response saying “Selling records being you, yet you still wanna be me?”


21 responded with an IG post of his own, with a picture of Kylie saying “shout out to my boss bitches wifing niggas.”


Kylie also previewed Tyga’s diss track with him saying 21 “Suckin dick for a Ferrari” in reference to his car he got from Drake.


In social media’s eyes, Tyga and Meek Mill are on the same level of Ls taken. But at the end of the day Tyga, nor Meek, has never been scared to go at any rapper that sizes them. No matter how much of a killer or gangsta they claim to be.

Plus they still have the girl.

I always found it weird that with the millions of dollars rappers claim they have, that they always want to share the same 14 girls. Couldn’t be me.

In the wait for Cole and Drake’s album, tune into this mini rap beef.

Leave your comments below on whos going to win this “beef”.

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