A perspective: Lil Peep’s death

Lil Peep's Death
A perspective: Lil Peep’s death

First and foremost, Rest In Peace Lil Peep and the many people that were affected by this catastrophe. Life is precious and materials can make us forget how priceless one is.


The world is now going rampant over Lil Peep’s Death, noticing just how serious drug problems can get and that these rappers aren’t just rapping about drugs because they’re cool. News sites like CNN, The atlantic(whoever they are), Huffington Post that have never sniffed a Lil Peep article have all etched his name into headlines. Fanning the drug abuse wildfire that’s been plaguing the United States for the last couple years. Nothing drives together a good story like death right? Yeah.

Lil Peep's Death
Click This. Witness

A lot of people don’t even know who Lil Peep is, and that’s perfectly ok. The funniest part about Lil Peep’s death, is that the death is the only thing that matters to the general public.

Prior to this, Lil Peep was just another sad, emo, druggy white boy that makes music like ‘the rest of them’, whoever ‘them’ are. I’ve only listened to a couple songs myself, (White Wine is Straight Fire Emojis.)

But that’s not the point, the point is that people care nothing about people NOR their problems until they’ve died. This holds especially true for rappers, since they already get flack for being… rappers. Drugs, cars, clothes and hoes just don’t take too well for the more… modest people out there.

Drugs and Sh**

Drugs are bad. Drugs are abused. Drugs are drugs. We’ve heard the phrases. But as much as you hear about drugs in these songs, there’s not too many people who’ve actually had FIRST HAND experience with dealing with a drug addict, and even less that have any idea on what the drugs mentioned actually do.

There’s word going on that Lil Peep overdosed on Xanax, not saying it isn’t possible but here’s a little clarity, xanax is a Benzodiazepines(benzo for short). Benzos are depressants or downers, and for some reason are prescribed to people with high anxiety disorders and general depression to calm them down. Sounds good in theory, but in practice, Xanax is such a powerful drug that it basically makes every fear one has disappear(And with it, your anxiety. Yay!)

Lil Peep's Death
All in all, he seemed like a cool guy

Each Xanax bar could have up to 2 mg of the drug. Some people have reported surviving 2000 mgs of xanax and reported only mild symptoms. I’ve seen myself the effects of 15-20 mgs of Xanax on an experienced user. The more one takes, the more one needs. I doubt Lil Peep died off Xanax alone.

But this again, is not the point. Believe it or not, drug users take drugs for a reason. Drugs affect the mind, and the mind is basically the engine of the body. With some people, their mind is so off kilter that they, in a sense, NEED the drugs to get through their day to day struggle with life. It’s hard to understand from the outside looking in, but imagine waking up everyday wishing you didn’t. Going through life pretending to be alive because it’s the cool thing to do. And thus, repeating the cycle as it gets worse and worse.

However, the more drugs one’s mind can take, the worse the mind was in the first place. Some people smoke weed for the first time and are so panicky they never touch it again.

Then there’s heroin addicts. Which deal with a drug that’s probably 100x stronger than your first ever mega weed high, and they fiend for more(That also is because it’s highly addictive).

The Youth

Lil Peep isn’t the only person that has died from drug abuse, let alone the only person 21 and under. If we’re going to pretend to care about people when they’re dead, let’s at the very least PRETEND to care about people when they’re alive. The youth is under duress with heavy influences of drugs and ease of access greater than ever before(#BecauseOfTheInternet), so take this time to do some learning, ya?


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Lil Peep's DeathLil Peep's Death

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    I liked it. It does suck how people only begin to care after it’s way too late. I think people don’t realIze the problem isn’t the drugs, the problem is why why we take the drugs in the first place. Idk musicians probably look like addicts from outside the culture but for most people it’s the only way they know how to deal w their problems and shit. Shits really crazy how people don’t even think twice about u till u die