Album Feature: iLLPHONiCS-Gone With The Trends

Album Feature: iLLPHONiCS-Gone With The Trends

We at My2Know have the pleasure of featuring iLLPHONiCS, a St. Louis based hip hop group who just last year released their project “Gone With The Trends”. The album itself is a very positive album, which is much needed in a time of potential peril for many across the world. Speaking on many topics such as love, female self-esteem, nostalgia and black oppression, especially the topic of Michael Brown. With profound lyrics and absolutely masterful production, the album sends a good message that is very rarely found in hip hop today.

Production wise, the album is nigh perfect. The instruments in the back mix many different sounds over many different songs while still keeping a coherent hip hop/funk sound. Songs like “Take You High” and “96to99” are perfect examples of this. While being distinct as songs, they mesh into the totality of the album, which is a difficult feat and what many albums fail to do correctly. Vocals by members Lena Charlie and Keith set the mood very well with blissful notes. Their voices often are the heart of the hooks, and they keep the song pumping between lead rapper Larry’s meaningful lyrics. Also to note, the end of “96to99” is a fantastic piece to listen to alone.

Onto the lyrics, which are noteworthy in the fact that in each song they’re very deep and profound. Lines like “If all lives matter why are black one’s skipped? We say Black lives matter then Amnesia hits”(The Brown Frequency) and “Commentary on trends and how you need to fit them/Always dismiss them my lady follow your heart/ and if the role isn’t you don’t try to play in the part”(She). Very powerful words send a clear message, in a way that fits a rhyme scheme and beat perfectly. Also very difficult to achieve, iLLPHONiCS executes this very well and consitently.

Nonetheless, “Gone With The Trends” is an enjoyable experience. The sound is definitely something I’ve never heard before and while being unique, is also very easy on the ears. The album is at no point a pain to listen to and is something everyone should listen to. There’s a message in at least one song that can help one with whatever troubles they’re going through, no matter what background they come from.

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Special thanks to iLLPHONiCS for giving us the opportunity to listen to this beautiful work. Be sure to share their album review using the buttons below!

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