Artist Feature: 2Sik2Eazy

Artist Feature: 2Sik2Eazy

Artist Feature: 2Sik2Eazy

We have the pleasure of featuring rap duo 2Sik2Eazy out of Amelia/Richmond, Virginia, formed by members Sikness(Lord Underground) and P$ychicdelic-Eazy(Gennosuke Aokiji). In the song above, the first verse is Gennosuke, who has a slickness about his flow that makes him able to deliver rough lyrics with a smooth delivery. The jump off line “If a nigga test me, then a nigga might die/If a nigga touch me, he committin’ suicide”. Speaking about violent tendencies with a calm demeanor makes him seem less like he’s threatening you and more like he’s telling you what’s going to happen. The contrast, with the beat especially, makes for an easy but dark effect he snaps with.

The second verse is Lord Underground, who uses his words to paint the picture of the actions in the song. “The monster loose, just fucking feed me/when I’m done, you gon need a priest to clean up with a squeegee.” Giving the listener the image of him, the monster, eating everything around him to the point there’s nothing but mush that needs to be mopped up. Both styles are great and complement each other well, making for a fantastic song. This song is only one of many bangers they have.

They also have a wide subject range, they can rap about life struggles, emotions they experience, their hometown, guns, fighting, anime references and girls. You never know what you’re going to get when you jump from one song to another, making every song a much different experience from the other.

The rap duo composes their music using a small home studio with a laptop, mic and speakers. They take time to come up with their songs and ideas and will send it from one to another and come together and record it when they make a decision.

They have a variable list of inspirations, from prolific gangsta rappers like Wayne, Jeezy, Clipse, UGK, Dipset and 36 mafia to softer, poetic styles like Kid Cudi, Outkast, Kanye, as well as a lot of other underground artists. This could explain their massive subject matter and various styles of rap.

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