Artist Feature: Benji Armstrong

Benji Armstrong
Artist Feature: Benji Armstrong

Artist Feature: Benji Armstrong

His origins in Broward County, producer Benji Armstrong gives us the pleasure of featuring him and his dark, mellow style of instrumentals. In contrast to the sounds that are popular in the mainstream game, Benji slows down the game with beats the listener can just vibe with. To showcase his production, he gathered many different artists on his new collaborative tape “Broadcast Delay Vol. 1”, the young producer creates a nice, cohesive project one can listen to whether they’re on a mile run or just relaxing at home.

When creating, every beat is different so every beat will be made differently. But first and foremost Benji always absorbs the common sounds around him, such as music, TV, radios, and takes them in and conveys that energy into his beats. A very unique style of creation for a unique sound that he owns.

What drives Benji is God and his family before all, but musically artists like Nas, Pac, Jay-z, Future and Kendrick inspire him. Producers such as Metro Boomin, 808 Mafia and 9th Wonder are some of his favorites.

Benji has some projects on the way, follow him on his social media to keep up with the releases!


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