Artist Feature: BlockBoyz

Artist Feature: BlockBoyz

Artist Feature: BlockBoyz

For our first rap group, we are honored to feature BlockBoyz, a rap/entertainment group originated in North Lauderdale, Florida. The individuals are from different areas in South Florida, but the camaraderie they had them caused them to group up and start up “Block Boyz”, a multi-talented group that not only raps but also does comedy and has a clothing line on the way.

Their music is very beat heavy, they slide on the beat with rhythmic lines that describe their lives in South Florida. They also incorporate fast music into their sound, speeding up songs in the way only Florida knows how. There’s many talented members in Block Boyz, it’s best to hear them more than read about them. Nonetheless I enjoy their music, especially this song “Ca$h Out”.

They recorded their hit single “Big Viben” outside “Hotboi Andy’s”, one of their member’s house. Big viben was a phrase that became their way of life, it means that they’re cooling and doing them. Since “Big Viben” they’ve moved up to a studio and are working on a mixtape that’s soon to come. They aspire to make it big, sharing their music throughout South Florida and eventually to the rest of the world. They also have a sub-group called “De Gang”, a comedy group started by members “Papi Chris” and “Herve” to spread joy and comedy to others.

Support Block Boyz on their journey to to spread their talent to the world, young and ambitious, we shall be checking back with them on their road to success. Follow them on their Social Media handles here:

Twitter: blockboyz_1k

Soundcloud: blockboyz954

Individual twitter accounts:

Lil 30-

Taco Trill-




D Banks-

Hotboi Andy-

Haitian Smooth-


Problematic Pablo-


Papi Chris-




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