Artist Feature: Boo Popi

Boo Popi
Artist Feature: Boo Popi

Artist Feature: Boo Popi

This time around we have Houston rapper Boo Popi, who just recently dropped his EP “Apply Pressure: Came Up From Nothing”, shows us his ability to produce bangers. In the song above “Get It Again”, his drive is obvious. On a fire beat, he speaks on how he came from nothing, and nothing is going to stop him from becoming something. “I ain’t never had shit what you hatin for/You ain’t never had shit what you waitin for” Questioning his haters, he’s not worried about them because he’s gonna grind regardless of what they say. His flow complements the beat perfectly, an aggressive voice makes you really feel what he’s saying on the track. Boo Popi has many more funks on his mixtape, he doesn’t disappoint with this tape.

Boo Popi derives his music from the environment he grew up in and the world we live in. His struggles and desire to make it. as well as his family and friends inspires him to keep making the great music he does. He adds that without those that inspire him, he wouldn’t be the person he is today. Here’s another track that is a great example of his mindset, “I Salute”. where he ‘salutes’ everyone that is on their grind.

Listen to Boo Popi’s mixtape: “Apply Pressure: Came Up From Nothing

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