Artist Feature: Brisco Bash

Brisco Bash
Artist Feature: Brisco Bash

Artist Feature: Brisco Bash

Reppin out of the Bronx, Brisco Bash shares his bangin arts with us. He has a pretty large variety of music, from funks like the “scrilla remix” composed of straight bars to songs like “Moonlight” which has a more melodic, island flow to it. Brisco Bash can slide on a beat, definitely having a couple more hits like “Moonlight” in his catalog. When asked how he composes his music, Brisco Bash says he likes to make anything from the Down and Gritty to a smooth RnB sound.

Brisco Bash is a part of a group called ChrymeLife. They are slated to have a group mixtape titled “ChrymeLife The Family” on Feb 20 and also has a solo mixtape titled “Rica Vida” in May. His inspirations are derived from what he’s been through and the area he comes from. His background drives him to keep creating music that tries to uplift himself and the people around him.

Look out for Brisco Bash’s music by following him on his social media handles:


Youtube: /




Snapchat: BriscoBash180

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