Artist Feature: Bycardi

Artist Feature: Bycardi

Artist Feature: Bycardi

Coming out of Broward County, we have the pleasure of featuring Bycardi. Bycardi makes fire. Whether it’s catchy melodies about his dream girl like he does in the song “Bad Bitch”, or rougher bangers like “Numberz”, everything he makes is worth the play. As he says in “Numberz”, he “speaks from the heart and never from the mind.” Speaking about what he’s truly feeling and not what he thinks he should speak about. Although he raps about what he feels at the time, he’s patient with every track. He doesn’t rush any of his songs and likes to give a lot of thought to his music. Seems he takes his expression and craft it into a form that everyone will enjoy.

Bycardi is inspired by the struggle. He sees that there’s beauty in all forms of life, the struggle, the path to success, and success itself. He stays humble and positive throughout the process. Someday he wants his music to impact many of people and society and we believe he has the ability to do it.

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