Artist Feature: Cargo XĀN

Cargo XĀN
Artist Feature: Cargo XĀN

Artist Feature: Cargo XĀN

From Cleveland, Ohio, we have the pleasure of featuring Cargo XĀN who shares his versatile styles with us. Cargo can flow with the best of them, chaining words together ever so gracefully while spitting dope lyrics on just about any topic he wants. Quotables and bars on every track, we didn’t find one song we could skip on his catalog. He can drop funks like “Twisted” or go bar for bar on songs like “Podium”. A special talent, not every rapper has the ability to display such versatility on top of getting a message across and Cargo XĀN does it in a way we thoroughly enjoy.

When composing, Cargo’s music stems from his feeling and emotions. He describes himself as a very creative individual “with a bunch of different personalities on top of being a walking contradiction.” A very colorful way to describe himself. He blends a beat with his vibrant personality and that’s how he creates.

Who inspires him the most are Tory Lanez and Travis Scott, they are the artists that influence him most. But what really drives him is “fear, fear of being forgotten, fear of not having done enough and fear of failure…” That fear keeps him going so that he can make the most out of his career and life, shining as bright as he can.

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