Artist Feature: Cbakl (producer)

Cbakl - raps
Artist Feature: Cbakl (producer)

Artist Feature: Coolin with Cbakl

Listen to Cbakl, a producer from Portrush, Ireland that graces us with his smooth instrumentals and hip hop vibes. This one, “1973”, is one of my favorites among many great tracks.

Cbakl is from Portrush, Northern Ireland, currently studying music technology. It’s extremely difficult to pin down Cbakl’s style with words. It’s simple, unique and variable at the same time. He can execute many different sounds, some brass pipes complement the jazzy sound on his song, “Boom Bap”. While piano keys set a nice, relaxing tone on “Stranded”, kicked off by a nice Japanese sample that fits perfectly into the theme of the instrumental.

Cbakl composes his music with FL studio and a slew of samples. He’s inspired by Capital  STEEZ(And even made a nice tribute to him using the ‘1973’ track above. Titled ’47 days’ on his soundcloud page linked below.), Childish Gambino, Chet Baker, Jaden smith, Kanye West, Atmosphere and his own father. Anyone that shows him love or positivity to his cause also inspires him to keep creating the great tracks that he does.

Cbakl has a 3 song beat tape that I really liked, you can listen to it here.

There’s an instrumental for every human in Cbakl’s catalogue. For the rappers that just want to spit a quick 16 to someone that is gaming and needs a couple songs to vibe to while on their conquest to someone that’s on their daily morning jog. The variability he has is astounding, and I personally appreciate any type of uniqueness in a world where uniformity is becoming standard.

Cbakl can be reached on his social media platforms here, please reach out and show love if you’re a fellow artist or just a person loving music. Continue to support our creative minds.



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