Artist Feature: Chelzzz

Artist Feature: Chelzzz


Today we have the pleasure of featuring Detroit native, Chelzzz. With a distinct sound and a street attitude, she gives us a version of trap we’ve never heard before. Coupled with bangin beats and a flow that shows that she’s better than you in every way, Chelzzz drops hits that people will funk till the bass burns out of their car. With lines like “I’m just on my Rick Ross shit, pockets on obese and I’m feelin’ like a boss bitch” Chelzzz has confidence that she’s the best out and isn’t scared to show it.

When asked about how she creates her music, she finds a beat that she could flow on and writes on it, aiming to make banger after banger in the studio. What drives her to make those bangers is “being the underdog”. Being a female in a male-dominated industry, she wants to create lanes and pave ways for other upcoming female rappers with talent. She began with writing raps, then began to perform them to family and friends. Some years later she started to record in a studio and she’s been making music ever since. What she was seeing in her head needed a means to be brought alive, and rap was her method.

Check out Chelzzz’s newest single “Problem” here:

Chelzzz – Problem

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