Artist Feature: Chronic Dro

Chronic Dro
Artist Feature: Chronic Dro

 Artist Feature: Challenge your mind with Chronic Dro

A rapper out of Houston, Texas, Chronic Dro delivers lyrics upon lyrics to the listener. Songs full of words that one can tell comes from his heart and nothing else. Take a good listen to my favorite track, “SUNRISE” off his latest work, “3AM”.

Chronic Dro speaks from the soul on every track, usually 3-4 minutes of rapid fire words coming at you at all times. The style switches he presents during songs are a great complement to his hard and more aggressive delivery. When asked what he likes about music, Dro answered with the whole process. Everything from experiencing a feeling to forming an idea to bringing that idea out onto the paper and into the world as music. The process of music is what many people miss, the ability to manifest an idea into a physical form and that’s one of Chronic Dro’s favorite parts.

His rap inspirations are MF Doom, Curren$y and the Wu-tang Clan. Listening to his music, I personally can hear a slight Curren$y influence mixed in with his own personal style. Outside of rap, however, Chronic Dro likes bands such as Pink Floyd and Metallica as well. He also is a massive fan of Johnny Cash and some singers like Sade.

Listen to Chronic Dro’s latest EP, “3AM” on soundcloud.

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Snapchat: Chronic_Dro

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