Artist Feature: Dilliano

Artist Feature: Dilliano


From Ludlow, Massachusetts we have today artist Dilliano. With a focus on wordplay, Dilliano shines on tracks where his lyrical abilities overpower the beat, unlike the general rap music today that is largely trap oriented. With the release of his newest work ‘Past. Present. Future.” He further displays his lyricism for everyone to hear.

When asked about how he composes his music, he notes that he writes bars every day. Simple little quips and lines that he can implement into his songs like “She call me Dr. Dill but I lost all my patience.” Then he’ll pick a beat and go at it in his own way, even if it’s a beat a famous rapper has already done, he’ll do it in a way that’s unique to him.

Dilliano number one rap inspiration is Lil Wayne. He admires his clever, witty punchlines and his immaculate freestyling ability. Other rappers he likes are Cole, Big Sean and Future. His friends around him, including Mikey Black, also drive him to be better. They all began rapping around the same time and push each other to be greater.

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