Artist Feature: D~Lo $uavé

D~Lo $uavé
Artist Feature: D~Lo $uavé

Artist Feature: D~Lo $uavé

From the dirty south, Dallas, Texas rapper D~Lo $uavé gives us the pleasure to feature his variability of flows and lyricism in his music. Very versatile in his music, he can make a slower more melodic song like “187” or go straight to bar for bar rapping like the the “Faneto” Freestyle below. Nonetheless, both of his styles can be enjoyed thoroughly. What strikes me is his flow over many different beats. Many rappers have trouble going out of their comfort zone when it comes to instrumentals, but D~Lo has many freestyles over different songs, Energy by Drake, Hot Nigga by Bobby Schmurda, Faneto by Chief Keef and he bodies all of them.

Being a songwriter, D~Lo $uavé can be doing anything in his daily activities and see something that sparks a vision or hear someone say a couple words that sparks a couple bars. He takes that and forms the lyrics, then matches it to a beat later. He practices the song over and over again, perfecting the flow and delivery, then records it in the studio. He also is very precise with his instrumentals. D~Lo will listen to an instrumental repeatedly until he really catches a vibe, no matter how long it takes.

In his earlier days, D~Lo grew up around gospel. Kirk Franklin and Fred Hammond were early inspirations for him. “The Gospel Gangstas” were the first hip hop artists he’s ever heard. Though eventually as he grew up and was exposed to different artists and genres of music, rappers like Wayne, Kanye, Jay-Z, Drake, Sauce Walka and Fetty Wap. Great artists who show their influence his D~Lo’s music, and it’s for all to enjoy.

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