Rap Artist Feature: EmptyBrother7

Rap Artist Feature: EmptyBrother7

Artist Feature: EmptyBrother7

Meet EmptyBrother7, an upcoming rapper and producer from Saint Paul, Minnesota.


Empty self-produces his music. Almost anything you hear on his songs was made by him. He plays the instruments himself, samples it, and forms it into a smooth, melodic style that is rare to find in hip hop today. He displays his talents best in one of his favorite tracks here.

Coupled with deep, insightful lyrics and clever, creative rhymes, Empty delivers a unique musical experience to anyone who listens. Striving away from the same sound style that most up and coming rappers today adopt. Stay tuned for what Empty has in store for us, his talent and potential as an artist and producer is one that is seldom seen.

Here are some more of his favorite tracks:

Empty can be reached here:

IG: http://www.instagram.com/emptythekushgod

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/emptybrother7

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EmptyBrother7

He also has a youtube channel in the works, do look out for it!

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