Artist Feature: J Luchiano

J Luchiano
Artist Feature: J Luchiano

J Luchiano

Today, My2know has the pleasure of hosting J Luchiano, a rapper out of Erie, PA. Of the songs I do like from Luchiano, I really like them. I feel him on his tracks, whether he’s rapping like he is in “F*** is you talkin bout” or singing and harmonizing in “Me and Marijuana”(Great track btw). Respect that he’s willing to try different sounds and channel his energy in different, creative ways. You can hear his confidence in the music mixed with his talent, we think J Luchiano has a solid chance to make it.

From start, J says he always was a writer. For him it was easier to express himself through pen and paper then through words spoken vocally. When he realized he was good at the art, he decided to start making music and doing it professionally. His favorite rappers are legendary greats like Tupac, Big, and Jay. He also likes Future Drake and Kevin Gates. He is inspired by anyone who made it from nothing and everyone going through trials and tribulations but still perservere.

Keep up with Luchiano’s music by following him on his social media. He has an heavily anticipated project “Trap and Harmony” slated for mid-spring. Be on the lookout! We definitely are.





Snapchat: jluchiano

Support J Luchiano by sharing his artist feature using the buttons below. Special thanks to him for working with us. We appreciate it ten fold!

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