Artist Feature: J $OUL

Artist Feature: J $OUL

Artist Feature: Funk with J $OUL

Vibe with Florida’s very own, J $OUL. One of the more versatile rappers in an era where everyone sounds the same, $OUL is one to experiment with his sound and subject matter alike. Check out this banger “Coney Island” on his latest project $OUL LOUD! VOL. 1.

J $OUL is from Broward County, Florida. An area in South Florida where a lot of growing talent is being noticed. His music is made through his emotions, past experiences and heartbreaks. He takes the pain from his life and etches it onto the paper, creating music that the listener can feel. There’s songs like the one above, where the hook is calling out “friends” that say they’re with you but really aren’t over grittier tones and a flow that’s seamless on the verses. But he also has tracks like “To Kill a MockingJaye”, a ballad of pure pain and agony that only one that someone loved can cause.

The versatility of sounds is something $OUL prides himself on. To be able to describe a life event like this on one track with fluidity and imagery while still being able to go on another that is a banger and you can vibe to on the AUX in your car. $OUL doesn’t like to be considered under one genre, and he shouldn’t. A true artist that has the flow and ability to experiment with his sound, $OUL is ahead of his time and is surely one of the next to blow.

Check out his latest audio project “$OUL LOUD! VOL. 1” Here on soundcloud.

J $OUL has multiple social media platforms, go follow and support his music here:




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