Artist Feature: Jahzani

Artist Feature: Jahzani

Artist Feature: Jahzani

For this artist feature we have the pleasure of working with Miami rapper Jahzani and his gritty flows and freestyles. Spitting bars on his life and ambitions, he spits street rap with the slick delivery. Jahzani spits music one can feel, creating funk after funk, he’s well worth the listen. In the song “It’s Lit”, he spits about his money making chase, saying powerful lines like “God said The meek shall inherit the Earth, Cuz I been in this dirt for too long”.  With plenty more lines like this, his Sum’n Quick EP delivers more gems like this.

While crafting his work, he plays the beat and works to see how exactly he wants the song to sound. After he gets the tone of the song, he begins to write and fills in that set tone he had, creating a piece for everyone to enjoy. His biggest inspirations are prolific artists like Nipsey Hussle and Erykah Badu as well as Florida’s very own Rick Ross and Ice Berg. Growing up listening to these great raps must’ve been what helped Jahzani create his own unique, gritty style that is to be appreciated.

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