Artist Feature: JayO

Artist Feature: JayO


Broward county rapper JayO gives us the pleasure of featuring his exotic sounds. Cut from a different cloth, JayO doesn’t sound like the typical, run of the mill producer. Hella versatile, every beat is a new vibe, every minute a new sound, even in the same beat. From the beginning he entices you in with a soft tune, then before you know it you’re noddin your head to the rest of the track. Introvert vs. Extrovert is my favorite personally, but he has many other softer, electric, and bangers that you will like. Check out his music.

Jayo was born into music in a sense, his father being a Haitian gospel singer so he was exposed to music from a young age. He was inspired to make beats during a boondocks episode.

“This hard beat came on during the episode and I’m like who made this beat? I peeped the ending credits and found out it was made by 9th wonder.”

9th Wonder is his favorite producer to this day and inspired him to make his own beats.

When creating his work, JayO starts with the melody, for him that’s the most important part of the beat. After he catches his vibe and feels out his rhythm, “I start adding percussion without the kick. Then I’ll add 808s or a sub bass or both if it fits. Then end it off with the kicks to give its final bounce.”

As said before, his greatest inspiration is 9th wonder, but also likes certified legends like Kanye West, J.U.S.T.I.C.E League,  Mike Will, and Zaytoven, and other young yet big names such as Cardo Got Wings, wondagurl, Pierre Bourne. JayO has no favorite artists but “I listen to a lot of Kodak, Drake, Trippie Redd, Future, Young Thug, Migos. OMB Peezy fonkin too.”

Jayo has an instrumental tape with visuals for one of the beats planned for the end of the year. Follow him on his social media to keep up with his music:



JayOMy2know instagram

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