Artist Feature: JC Blanco

JC Blanco
Artist Feature: JC Blanco

Artist Feature: JC Blanco

JC Blanco, hailing out of Massachusetts, has some nasty bars in his catalog. With a smooth flow and a dirty delivery, his lyricism and wordplay is some of the best that we’ve heard. Lines like “I jack every Line I don’t spare rows, All I know is real boy it’s in my bone marrow” shape his style as witty and clever. Explaining his message effortlessly with his bars, his sound flows into your ear like water. JC’s lyricism is hard to match and should be enjoyed by all who listen.

When asked about how he composes his music, he needs to be alone in his room with his headphones and the beat. He writes about what he’s passionate about and what drives him. A big thing for him is also creativity, he’s been trying to be more artistic and vary his sound. JC also tries to touch on topics that are more controversial like politics and religion.

What started JC Blanco with music was his mother who always loved music and dancing. Being of Puerto Rican descent while growing up in America really exposed him to a vast variety of music. Prolific rappers like Biggie, Wayne and Eminem really made him love rap, and their amazing lyrical talents reflect in his own sound. When he heard Drakes verse on “4 my town” by Birdman, that’s really what made him want to get into rapping.

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