Artist Feature: Johnny Oz

Johnny Oz
Artist Feature: Johnny Oz

Johnny Oz

Today we have the pleasure of featuring Broward’s very own, Johnny Oz. Just coming off YG’s “Fuck Donald Trump” tour, Oz is rapidly growing in popularity and for good reason. With an extremely wide variety of sounds and flows, Oz has the capability to get any venue jumpin’. In one of his newer songs “Amigo”, he displays this over a fire beat with a flow to match. Hyping up the crowd is what Oz does and he does it better than most.

Johnny Oz considers himself a creator, he loves making all kinds of art, his music being one of them. His love for creating art motivates him to keep going in the rap game. Also Oz’s brother passing last year gave him a “whole new drive and focus.” He’s going hard, we appreciate the music he puts out and the listener should too. With inspirations like Jay, Wayne, Diddy, Kanye and Gucci, he looks up to the best and is following suit.

His favorite part about what he does is performing. With his ability and sound, he can get any crowd up and moving. As he says, “shows keep life lit” and looking at him while doing so explains why. Coming alive in the spotlight, Oz’s energy looks as if it’s multiplied while on stage. With him announcing a couple more shows with OG Maco, everyone has a chance to go out and show him some love!

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