Artist Feature: K4SOGOTSOUL

Artist Feature: K4SOGOTSOUL


Hailing out of South Florida, Miami-dade native K4SOGOTSOUL gives us the pleasure of featuring her slick flow and impactful lyrics. In a way that’s different from the usual ‘rags to riches’ stories we hear. Going into detail about her mental during what she’s going through as well as the situations she’s going through physically set her apart from many of the others. Quips like “It’s that new kid on the scene, you’d think I’m playing red light how fast I’m chasing the green” showcase her creativity while songs like “Remember” up above show her ability to switch it up and speak on an emotional tip. K4so is an extremely talented MC that is proud of where she’s from and where she’s going, and an enjoyment to listen to.

When asked how K4so makes music, she describes it as making “music from my soul, whatever I feel, I write.” In any part of her music, it has to make her feel something significant. The lyrics, production, topics like family, relationships and social issues, are all subjects she can write on as long as she feels it in his soul. “I get really personal in my songs. My music is my reality.” She says. It comes from the heart, and that’s what makes it ten times easier to love his work.

Her biggest inspiration in the music game is PartyNextDoor. K4sogotsoul not only admires her music, but the way she views art in general. She’s a talented songwriter, producer and has her own unique sound. How multifaceted PND is, is what K4so aspires to be like or better.

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