Artist Feature: King Blitz

King Blitz
Artist Feature: King Blitz

King Blitz

Hailing from Gary, Indiana, we have the pleasure of hosting King Blitz. With funk after funk, I couldn’t find a song I disliked. With a melodic production, He glides on the beat with a wide selection of subjects, beat variety, and flow. Like real wide. One of the most creative artists I’ve had the pleasure of hearing, he can rap about love, life, stunt, anything it seems. One thing that especially stands out above the amazing sound, is that the songs feel genuine and I can get behind what he’s saying. That goes a long way.

“Honestly, it was literally just a thought that manifested.” Started him in the rap game. He always loved rap and rap culture and felt that rap was his calling. Currently his favorite rappers are Chance, Jay-Z, Kendrick and Freddie Gibbs, some of the most creative rappers to rap EVER, in my opinion. Fitting.

His biggest inspiration is Michael Jackson. He says he still listens to the legend’s music, still “hearing something new in every record”, a perfect way to put it. King Blitz says that MJ had an amazing soul and frankly, who wouldn’t agree.

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