Artist Feature: LA

Artist Feature: LA


Today I have the pleasure of writing on NYC rapper LA. Stepping back from the heavy production, hype, sing song melody rap of 2017, LA takes it back to lyrical raps with bars, metaphors and wordplay. With very simple sounding beats, his voice is definitely the main attraction on the track, his words pulling you into the image he projects in his mind. Talented for a 16 year old, we’re looking forward to his growth and are definitely going to be looking forward to his projects.

La was motivated to rap by 50 cent and the movie “Get Rich Or Die Tryin”. He said he must’ve listened to the soundtrack “Over a thousand times” and would rap along to the songs. The movie motivated him to begin rapping.

The young rapper favors old school artists like Big L, Nas, Jay, Rakim, M.F. Doom and Steez. Of the newer rappers he likes Kendrick and Cole. Since he was a child music was always around him. His parents would play hip hop tracks all the time, from “my mom playing camp lo in the kitchen to my dad blasting the chronic out his car.” We can hear he definitely took the influence and added his own personal flair to it. Creating a style we can love and appreciate.

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