Artist Feature: Leader J

Leader J
Artist Feature: Leader J

Leader J

Leader J out of Waterbury, Connecticut, graciously took the time to work with My2know to feature his work. His flow is effortless and smooth, showing especially on his Dead Presidents Freestyle. Boasting on this one, J is showing us why he’s one of the greatest of his generation on this one.

When creating music, Leader gets good vibes out get constructing his sound. As great artists do, he takes his experiences in real life and expresses them in his work, manifesting his life into  his sound. This is truly how music is to be made, nothing but authenticity.

When Leader J was 9, his older cousin and homie were rapping and he was hooked from there. He loved it from the time he tried it onward. Also after seeing “Dave Chappele’s block party” he began listening to many prolific artists such as Most Def, Talib, Kanye and Erykah Badu. Since, he began to study the craft more and really appreciate the art.

His inspirations are the world and life itself. Everything from his neigborhood moving up to his mother, college and dreams. It all is a part of the journey, and the journey is inspiring in itself. His favorite artists are legends like Nas, Lauryn Hill, Common, Jay-Z, John Coltrane, and Alicia Keys and many more great musicians.

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