Artist Feature: Lecks Lupin

Lecks Lupin
Artist Feature: Lecks Lupin

Artist Feature: Come chill with Lecks Lupin

Coming out of Leicester, UK, Lecks Lupin blesses us with a smooth, suave flow that just rides with the beat. His rhyme schemes make you bop your head with every hit of the beat, on top of lyrics that you can rock with. The fact he raps on a variety of different genres of beats makes it even more impressive. Listen to “Blue Haze” off of Lecks’ Soundcloud page here.

When asked about how he goes about making his music, he just keeps it simple and write what comes to his mind. Sometimes he may be inspired by a movie or another piece of art, but it seems like he’s a free flowing spirit with the pen. He also notes that he likes to write hooks before verses, and if he really feels it, he tries to use his sound to incite a certain mood on the track.

Though he listens to many a genre, his hip hop inspirations are Kanye, A Tribe Called Quest, Kid Cudi, Drake and Capital STEEZ. All more lyrical artists that we can definitely hear in his own music.

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