Artist Feature: Lil Ryan

Lil Ryan
Artist Feature: Lil Ryan

Artist Feature: Lil Ryan

Out of the concrete jungle, New York, we have the pleasure to feature the Bronx-native Lil Ryan. With a unique sound and a flow that rides the beat like boat on water, a smooth delivery hits the ear for an enjoyable experience. Rapping in melodic tones sometimes and tougher, faster flows others, he has a wide variety of styles and also a wide subject matter. Everything from trap to love, Lil Ryan can rap about it, and we love it. In the song above “When it rains”, he’s spilling his heart and feelings out on the track about a girl and how he feels about her. He delivers the message and makes the listener feel his lyrics, and we certainly do and enjoy it.

Lil Ryan composes his music by getting the pen and pad and sitting in the booth for hours, listening to beats and trying his hardest every track to be solidified as a legend in the game. Growing up struggling, he uses the knowledge he gained from the streets as well as the doubt from those around him to push him further and further along the game. He strives for success and his music has great potential to get him there. Rappers like Big Pun and Nas are his inspirations and also influenced him to rap.

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