Artist Feature: LuvHerBoi

Artist Feature: LuvHerBoi


Music group out of Broward County,  Luvherboi brings singing as well as raps to their arsenal. With their breakout song “Foggy Windows”, they sing about a pleasant time with his girl. Very nice vocals and production make this song not only easy to listen to, but one someone would WANT to listen to. Their tape, “Love/Lust=Lost” is a short tape filled with melodic enjoyment that everyone should listen to.

When they create their music they just take their day to day live and express it in their sound. They speak about the problems they encounter, especially with women, and embody that in their music. Their inspirations are Outkast, Isley Brothers, Pimp C, Drake and South Florida’s very own JT Money.

After their little brother brought Luvherboi a song he made and spit their verse word for word, they were inspired by the fact he can incite emotion in others. That made them start creating music consistently so they can recreate that feeling.

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