Artist Feature: Mal The Oddity

Mal The Oddity
Artist Feature: Mal The Oddity

Mal The Oddity

Out of Brooklyn, New York, we have the pleasure of featuring producer and rapper Mal The Oddity. Unorthodox in many ways, he shows off his unique style with his newest release, the “Pyramid Dreams Collection”. Above is the intro track, “To The Cash”, a great example of Mal’s uniqueness and a rock-ish vibe to his instrumental. Every track has a different vibe to it, “To The Cash” being just being one of many.

Mal, being his own producer, starts any song with the beat. Normally starting with piano keys or a guitar riff, he’ll craft a main idea from those initial sounds. Sitting on it, he lets it brew before he adds in anything else and fills the beat and finishes his idea. Only after the beat is done that he begins the writing process on his songs.

Mal The Oddity has many inspirations. Led Zeppelin and Travis Scott are some of them, being that his music is “dark and contemplative” with lyrics as well as production as his style of music. However the lyrics themselves can be likened to Odd Future’s Tyler the Creator or Earl Sweatshirt, delivering deep lyrics not many would or could rap about.

Keep up with Mal The Oddity’s music by following him on his social media, also be sure to listen to his newest collection above:





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