Artist Feature: Matthew Brandon

Matthew Brandon
Artist Feature: Matthew Brandon

Matthew Brandon AKA MobInSilence

Today we have the pleasure of working with and featuring Matthew Brandon AKA MobInSilence, Rapper from the concrete jungle, NYC. One of the more experimental artists we’ve had the honor of featuring, Mob doesn’t make what I call “Safe music”. He tries different things with his sound and style, exploring different beats and flows and approaches to every song. Not being scared to grow and advance is great as it stands out and is a refreshing sound to hear. We believe everyone should give Matthew Brandon a listen, not only because it’s different from your regular everyday rap, but because he’s good at what he does.

We asked Matthew Brandon a few questions, and these were his answers…

“Q1: Your Name In Art?
A1: My John Doe, (The Official Name On My Certificate of Birth,) Is Matthew Brandon Rubinstein. My stage name is Matthew Brandon.

The Story Behind My Name is What Makes It Special To Me Though. My Best Friend, from Childhood to Adulthood, Who I Grew Up With & Started This Whole Rap Shit With Was Named Brandon… At 19 Years Young He Passed Away… His Death Was The Force Behind Me Abandoning My Self-Destructive Habits And Taking Care Of My Own Life More Seriously. His Life Inspired Me To Rap And Pursue The Dream.

By Adopting The Name “Matthew Brandon” I Keep The Spirit of My Friend Alive With On This Journey, And Whenever I Get Lost, Or Hopeless, Or Down, I Always Think Of Honoring His Life By Making The Most Out Of Mine…

Q2: Where are you from?
A2: New. York. City. Honestly Where Do I Even Begin To Describe It ? Its Hard To Think Of All The Everyday Things That Make This City So…Timeless, Legendary…The Skyline, The Social Culture, The Clockwork like Movement, The People. You Will Never Experience The Ordinary Here. Every Single Day Will Provide You with a Life Lesson, Something Like Food For The Soul Fuck Food For Thought.

Simply Said Being A New Yorker Is Pedigree, It’s A Mentality and Tradition Of Excellence, Its Being One In a Million, It’s The Capital Of Culture.

Q3: Favorite Artists In The Rap Game?
A3: To Be Honest I Draw Inspiration From So Many Different Sources…Its Hard To Even Make A Top 10, But Names That Come Right To Mind Are: Kodak Black, Gotta love that Southern Swing Flow, Kendrick Lamar, Wiki, Mick Jenkins, Underachievers, Young Thug, YG, $uicide Boys, Joey B4Da$$, Run The Jewels….Shit I Could Really Go On…MY OWN DAMN SELF! This Is The Modern Renaissance There Are So Many Incredible Artists…Consider These My Contemporary Favorites..

Q4: Two Songs We Can Feature That Best Represent You?
A4: My First Two Independent Releases Are What Embody Me 100%. I See Them As Becoming Classics In My Catalogue, As A Part I and Part II, Because They’re An Honest Reflection Of The Everyday Struggle, The Internal Conflict Of Becoming A Success or Remaining a Failure. It’s Like That “Im Gonna Do Me Fuck What Anyone Thinks, But I Still Struggle With Money, Society, Anxiety, & Self-Doubt” Feeling…These Records Are Like Good Vs Evil, Light Vs Dark. It’s The Battle In Your Heart Of To Be Or Not To Be, But You Always Are..So That Said Im Proud To Be Able To Express Myself In A Way That’s Relevant To Everyone’s Lives, That’s Whats Going To Make It Real!

This Two Part Mini-Series, Is Called “Myanide” and Will Be Followed Up Monthly With Singles That Continue To Tell The Story Of My Life, My City, The Times, and The Culture. It’s An Introduction To My Brand and Myself As A Human Being, and I Consider It A Definitive Moment In My Career As I Independently Work My Way To Achieving My Dreams!

One Love..”

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