Artist Feature: Mercy

Artist Feature: Mercy

Artist Feature: Mercy

When an artist does a cover to a song one of three things can happen. One, They try to make the original song better. Two, their version gets lost because it didn’t come hard enough to compete with the original. Or three, they make the song their own. Cleveland, Ohio rapper Mercy did just that. Taking Schoolboy Q’s classic “Blessed” and bodying it, she lays out all her pain on the track. Few rappers can articulate their own emotions in song form, but she does it flawlessly. Describing her own feelings of uselessness, questioning her existence and anger towards the world around her and how she overcame those negative emotions to prevail. “That shit made me angry inside, the bottled emotions are always denied/Exploded in foam like the oceans, could no longer hold them in so I let them multiply” Speaks volumes about how Mercy felt during her hardships. Truly a great track and looking forward to much more from her.

Growing up, Mercy always loved music. She was inspired by her older brothers and always listened to them freestyle when she was younger. She also listened to many greats like Eminem, The Fugees, and A Tribe Called Quest. Mercy has always loved music that told a story, and “Blessed” tells hers flawlessly.

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