Artist Feature: Mikey Black

Mikey Black 77
Artist Feature: Mikey Black

Artist Feature: Mikey Black Drops Bars

Today we have the pleasure of featuring Massachusetts rapper, Mikey Black. A true emcee with an immaculate flow and more bars than Guantanamo Bay’s detention center, Black is already a master of delivery. With quotables every song like “Flow sick call a medic, got you noxious off the rhyme scheme. Careers is getting killed, my fingerprints on the crime scene” off his song “1977” from his mixtape “’77“.


That was one of the many bars on that song and there’s plenty throughout the whole tape. I could write another article on the bars throughout the mixtape alone, but he also has a strong ability to convey a message in his songs. With a wide range of subjects, he can perfectly articulate oppression of blacks in one song, to crisis’ such as Flint’s water issue in another and then jump to stunting how dope he is on the track. He even has a song dedicated to his biggest inspiration, Kendrick Lamar, and it sounds nothing short of amazing.

This is especially worthy of note, there’s many rappers and styles of rap out there, all great. But it’s rare that one can deliver a message in a way that seems like the rapper is speaking to you in a coherent, rhyming paragraph. It’s hard to articulate, but Mikey Black sounds like he can take a paragraph out of a book and make it into a perfect sounding song. A good example is one of my favorite tracks off the tape “Soul Food“.

Mikey Black composes music with his boy, Jahbari. Jahbari produces the beats for a lot of his work, and Black writes all of the lyrics to his songs. In addition to Kendrick, others that influence Mikey’s music and thoughts are Cole, Pro Era, Nas, The Stone Roses, Stanley Kubrick, The Sex Pistols and Kanye West.

It’s better to listen than to read, you can hear his mixtape “’77” here on soundcloud:

Support Mikey Black by following him on his social media handles:




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