Artist Feature: MoneySignHines

Artist Feature: MoneySignHines

Artist Feature: MoneySignHines

MoneySignHines takes us back to the NY sound of old with his project “Carolina Farms”. From the Bronx, spitting bar after bar after bar with a smooth and saucy flow and delivery. In the banger above “Not the same” he bodies the verse starting with a bar like “Call this track space jam, no need to ball testicles/ I got extra terrestrial centerfolds” he proceeds to slay the beat with references to many other celestial bodies like Mars, venus, UFOs, Angels. With a hook that funks, and a great second and third verse feature, MoneySignHines proves that he can make a near perfect song and has many other dope ones like this on his EP.

MoneySignHines has a wide subject matter, going from stuntin’ to expressing his emotions to describing life in the hood like in “Stay On Your Toes”. Describing the mental of someone living in the hood, the imagery used paints the picture perfectly. We really enjoyed “Carolina Farms” and whoever’s listening will also.

MoneySignHines makes music that comes fromt he soul. He writes about how he feels at the time and creates the song in the best way so that it’ll resonate and relate to the listener as much as possible. He’s is also inspired by some of the greatest rappers in the game, names Tupac, Biggie, Nas, Jay Z, J Cole drive him to create the music he does.

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