Artist Feature: Mula Gang

Mula Gang
Artist Feature: Mula Gang

Mula Gang

Coming out of Sacramento, we are blessed to feature twin brothers Mula and Polo, who together form rap group Mula Gang. With a harmonious flow between the two of them and a boomin’ beat, they just released their newest banger “Flip it”(Prod. Zaytoven). The twins make very good use of both of their voices on the track, complementing each other nicely while still standing apart as two separate entities. With great visuals to match a great song,  we can expect many more gems like this one from Mula Gang.

From Oak Park, a neighborhood in Sacramento, the twin rappers love where they’re from and respect it as the place that made them who they are, but on that same token they’re ready to flourish and expand their horizons. With violence rising and safety becoming a growing issue, they desire a better life for not only themselves, but their family. This is why they make music. In addition to wanting to provide for their loved ones, certain artists in the rap game such as Migos, Future, E-40 and Lyfe Jennings also inspire them to keep working and to find success in the music game. Mula Gang believes that their is success out there for everyone in life, they just have to work hard for it and it’ll come.

When asked about how they create their sounds, the twins noted that they do not write their music, it comes straight off the top of the head. When they receive a beat, they just get in the studio and flow. They noted that they might start writing later on, but for now they are content with freestyling their work.

Mula Gang

Keep up with Mula Gang by following them on their social networks, their project “‘CH.1’ (Chosen 1’s)” is slated for release in Spring 2017! :

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