Artist Feature: Natalise + The Sunset Run

Natalise + The Sunset Run
Artist Feature: Natalise + The Sunset Run

Artist Feature: Natalise

Listen to the soft sounds and soulful words of Natalise + The Sunset Run.

Natalise + The Sunset Run is an Indie pop band that will absolutely snatch your soul through your headphones. Originating from the San Francisco and Los Angeles areas of California, they make music that will incite emotion in the listener. Beautiful vocals, moving lyrics, and heavenly instrumentals that carry you into an elevated plain filled of emotional delight. Natalise, the lead vocalist, writes her songs based off the feelings she’s experiencing or what’s on her mind and comes up with a melody and chords that embody those feelings.

When asked about the inspiration behind the video “The Lucky Ones” shown above, she said she wanted to express her appreciation and gratitude for just being able to be present here every day. Both the video and the song are moving and will be loved by anyone that takes time to watch it. You can find more gems such as “The Lucky Ones” on their EP “Glimpses of the Sun”. My personal favorite on the EP is “Headphones”, with it’s upbeat tones and rhythmic vocals it makes for perfect music to dance to. Every time I listen, it puts a smile on my face and makes my body move.

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Spotify: Natalise + The Sunset Run

iTunes: Natalise + The Sunset Run

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