Artist Feature: Odist

Artist Feature: Odist


Today we have the pleasure of featuring El Paso, Texas native, James Odist, but he usually goes by Odist. Although he’s from El Paso, Odist made a move out to Phoenix, Arizona to spread his name and sound and grow as an artist. He says he’s seen and experienced many different walks of life and stories he would have never if he remained in his hometown. We stumbled upon ‘Nicotine’ by accident while scrolling through soundcloud and had to reach out. With a fire hook and beat and most importantly dope lyrics, Nicotine is a banger in every way. He adapts his flow and voice perfectly for each beat that he hops on and he speaks his soul out on every track. Spitters such as him need to be appreciated, and we’re glad we had a chance to work with him.

When composing his music, Odist first looks for the beat that fits his vision for the song. Once he gets the beat then he begins his verses. He says he needs to be in a comfortable room and the lyrics just flow. When he’s recording he expects his sound to complement the sound of the producer. He wants to honor the idea the producer initially had. “How dare I disrespect that art, and turn it into something completely different. I feel since I can find that balance within my music, I can see myself being the artist I always knew I could be.”

Odist began by writing poetry in middle school, his biggest influences Edgar Allen Poe and Shakespeare. He wrote poems up until his freshman year of high school, then began to form his craft into rap and hip hop. His twin brother DanDoneEm introduced him to rapping. “From that point forward everything changed, I realized music and poetry were my reason, my passion, my movement. Ive never tried being someone I wasn’t, Ive always kept my verses true and poetic.”

His biggest inspirations are his brother and his past teachers who pushed him to hone his craft as a poet and artist. His favorite rappers in the game today are Kendrick, Cole, Big Sean and Post Malone. Very creative and innovative artists which perfectly match his own talents.

Odist has a project called [faces] dropping soon. Keep up with his work by following him on his social media





Check out his “Winter Pyramids EP” on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and Tidal. Special thank to Odist for working with us!

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