Artist Feature: Pilot

Artist Feature: Pilot



The Brooklyn, New York native by the name of Pilot gives us the pleasure of featuring his creative musical talents. Different flows and unorthodox beats give his sounds a type of novelty I can get behind. His flow and rhyme schemes are unique and individual and he applies them over a wide variety of beats. From boom bap to bass heavy instrumentals to lighter drum focused sounds, Pilot diversifies himself from the rest by picking beats and flows one doesn’t usually hear and executes them in a way only he can.

From when Pilot was young he always had a passion for music. Lil Wayne inspired him to pick up the pen and he’s been rapping ever since. Only fitting since Lil Wayne is one of the most revolutionary and influential rappers to ever do it, which could attribute to Pilot’s own creative stylings. Other favorite rappers of his are Currensy, Flatbush Zombies, RetcH, and Kendrick. He shouts them out not only for impacting his life in a major way but also creating wonderful music he can enjoy.

When asked about his inspiration to get into music and what drives him to keep going, he answers sincerely by saying he’d love to give him and his family the life they deserve. Being able to quit his job, stop going to school and provide for people is the “biggest inspiration to keep going hard.”

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