Artist Feature: Rappin CJ

Rappin CJ #CrusieEra
Artist Feature: Rappin CJ

Artist Feature: Rappin CJ

Listen to “NoCeiling”, track made by Nashville rapper, Rappin CJ. It’s difficult to describe a flow that’s so… smooth. His words slide over his more traditional beat selection, creating a vibe like no other. Some songs like “Flow” and “NoCeiling” display his ability to flash his greatness with the mic with such slickness it doesn’t feel like he’s bragging. Lines like “Hardest nigga out the midwest since MC Breed with every word making sure that all these Emcees bleed/Killin shit since M16 on that MPC, since a kid I always knew I’m what the MC need” CJ Drops bars oozing with confidence with a drop of swag. Still though he can switch it up and drop some food for thought on tracks like “Traveler”, spitting some positivity in the very violent world we live in. He also has talents as a designer, as he designs all of his cover arts himself.

Rappin CJ describes himself as a student of the art first. Good music is good music, and no matter where or who it’s coming from it inspires and drives him to create. Specifically, he attributes West Coast rap, old and new, as his biggest inspirations. Rappers like the late, great 2pac, Ice Cube, TDE, DJ Quik and Dom Kennedy. He also gains a lot of inspiration from female artists such as Solange, Mary Gold and OSHUN.

Follow Rappin CJ on his social media handles and Listen to his newest project “CruiseEra” on his soundcloud for more dope flows and bars. He doesn’t disappoint.




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