Artist Feature: Rippa DeLaHoya

Rippa DeLaHoya
Artist Feature: Rippa DeLaHoya

Artist Feature: Rippa DeLaHoya

From the gritty streets of Miami, Florida, we have the pleasure of hosting Rippa DeLaHoya. With a style that makes sure you can feel his pain in the words he portrays the street life vividly. Venting his struggles and spitting harsh lyrics, Rippa makes sure you know who he is, where he came from, and who he’s going to be. Bars like “I been rappin before the beats/put some respect on my name. don’t extinguish a nigga dreams when I be spittin that flame” further showcase his skill with the mic. Listen for yourself with “Chapter 9” off of his soundcloud.

Rippa’s music mostly derives from his real life experiences and what he’s went through. His music expresses what he’s seen and learned through those experiences and he delivers it to the listener in great fashion. He also notes that not everything is serious and sometimes he just likes having fun with the music. In my opinion “Goin On” is a funk all should hear.

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