Artist Feature: Rob Rail$

Rob Rail$
Artist Feature: Rob Rail$

Artist Feature: Rob Rail$ Spits Poetry

From Hereford, UK, Rob Rail$ delivers his message using a more poetic style. His delivery personifies and uses symbols to get his point across. A type of style that really needs a dedicated listen to really catch. Lyrics like “Satan is an alcoholic drinking all these spirits” really hit hard once the listener catches them. Listen to “Yellow Pages”, a single off of his soundcloud, a great work of his poetic mastery.

Main inspiration is: MF DOOM and EMINEM but also Wu-tang, Mobb Deep, Nas, Ka, Blackstar and Rakim

The UK rapper has a colorful variety of inspirations. He likes all types of rappers like MF Doom, Eminem, Wu-tang, Mobb Deep, Nas, Ka, Blackstar and Rakim. A lot of these rappers are known for their poetic styles in their music, which can be heard in Rob’s music.

Rob produces his own beats, sometimes he makes the beat first, other times he may write first. He likes to search for samples and once he gets something he likes, he can create a whole song off of just one note. He produces all of his music on FL studio. Rob Rail$’ lyrics, flow and instrumentals mesh together well, creating a nice sound you can vibe too when you’re just trying to relax. Here is another great example, “Travis’s Taxi”.

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