Artist Feature: Ron Beatty

Ron Beatty
Artist Feature: Ron Beatty

Ron Beatty

Ron Beatty out of New Bern, North Carolina gives us the pleasure of showcasing his talents. Speaking on life, he spits lyrics that reflect some deep emotions while still being able to keep a track relatively upbeat. In the song above “Please don’t leave”, lyrics like “I spent a couple bands on the follies sorry, I try to hide the pain so I party” can leave a impact that just makes you say ‘damn…’ Nonetheless, the song is still easy on the ears and can be funked to and he has many more like so.

Ron Beatty favorite rappers are prolific southern rappers are Goodie Mobb, UGK, Outkast, Zro, 3-6 Mafia and many more. Being from the south, he could relate more to their music, saying that “country rap spoke to me in a different way.”

BET’s Rap City was Ron Beatty’s initial reason for getting into the rap game. He loved the way every video on the program was original and different. Watching this, he wanted his video to be up on TV too. Being that he was already writing rhymes at the time, he started to take it seriously in high school. Rap is what will fulfill his life, he wants to die happy and making music will be what he does “until they bury me.”

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IG: @ronbeattync |

Twitter: @ronbeattync |

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