Artist Feature: SavvyC

Artist Feature: SavvyC

Artist Feature: SavvyC

In this age, it’s rare to hear a rapper that spits bars and tells stories. Seemingly a dead art, Broward County rapper SavvyC can tie words together and string rhymes together to create an experience that’s less of a song and more like a movie. With a flow that makes the beat seem like it’s not even there and a variety of subjects to rap on, I can’t see any reason to not like SavvyC. In his song “Like me”, he blesses the mic with bars like “I’m so fly Snoop Dogg is my pilot/ put the weed in rotation and get to movin like rockets/ a nigga can’t tell the money from the green in his pocket/ I beat the beat up till it screams and it vomits”. Bodying the beat with metaphors, a flow better than most popular rappers out now and the ability to get a message across to top it off is beauty to any listener’s ears.

Aside from immaculate bars, SavvyC can also detail a very nice story. In the song “Heart Sing”, he goes speaks about a girl he loves. With a more soulful beat, any listener can feel the emotion on the track, and in my opinion that’s what makes SavvyC a great artist. His words can make people feel on an emotional level, more than just moving the body. That’s not a quality every rapper has.

SavvyC makes his music in a homemade studio and is a part of a movement called “HumbleHearted” his inspirations are The Game, J. cole, Kendrick Lamar, Bas, all great lyricists like he is.

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