Artist Feature: Shane Aura

Shane Aura
Artist Feature: Shane Aura

Artist Feature: Flowing With Shane Aura

We’re rocking with Shane Aura, a hip hop artist out of Connecticut. His smooth as silk flow and lyrical content speak volumes as he details his own life. His words paint pictures of his ambition, hustle and drive, making it easy to relate to him as he details how he grinds through everyday life. One of his best examples of this is his single “Burnie Mac” which you can listen to on his soundcloud linked at the bottom of the page.

Shane’s imagery and rhyme schemes make him hard to dislike. He rides the beat flawlessly, illustrating his talent on every beat. His biggest musical inspirations are Nas, Lupe, and Joey Badass which are regarded as some of the most lyrical rappers to ever touch the mic, and also known for their ability to paint a vivid picture through their songs. His favorite part of making music is the feeling he gets when he comes up with an idea for a song or bar. He adds that music is eternal, so he wants to leave a positive legacy on the Earth using his talents. Shane speaks so people can feel what he’s saying and I personally think he’s perfected that skill.

He catches his inspiration in spurts, usually when he’s alone and able to gather his thoughts together. Music is Shane’s outlet and he works his hardest to put out his best work and effort for us to hear and it’s no disappointment. Listen to “The Curse” a single with nothing but bars as more proof of his expertise.

Shane Aura has some new tracks coming out soon, so do look out for them and support him on his social media handles:




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