Artist Feature: SHAYJTODAY

Artist Feature: SHAYJTODAY


Out of Riviera Beach, South Florida, we have the pleasure of featuring rapper SHAYJTODAY. Imagery-laden lyrics and a style and flow of older. Shay is one that is ahead of his time in skill and subject matter. Talking about topics that are rarely touched on in the underground scene, especially in such detail, Shay J’s songs hit home and resonate with the listener. In the above song he describes a young rapper’s aspirations to make it growing up. Lines like “…Broken glass, bullet holes, liquor stores, Now And Laters, Condom wrappers…” Describe the environment the kid is in and wants to make it out of. Lyrics like this are what make Shay J stand out and he should be honored for such creativity.

Coming from a family of music, one could say rapping is in ShayJToday’s blood. His uncle was a part of a rising rap group called Modern Tragedy, his brother introduced him to rap. When his brother gave up on rap, Shay took it up to motivate him and show him where he could go with the music. Eventually Shay developed a love for rap himself and this is what brought him here today.

Shay’s inspirations largely draw from the environment around him. Again, his family plays an important role in his ambitions. Being around older family members, they gave him “gems of wisdom that oozed into my music.” Another major influence outside of his family is his producer “Menifaces”. Without him, Shay wouldn’t be the artist he is today. Musically, his favorite rappers include DMX, Andre 3k, Scarface and Slim Kid Tre of the Pharcyde. Depending on when he gets asked, the list changes since he has so many rappers he likes.

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    Shay-J is the bomb