Artist Feature: Tau

Artist Feature: Tau


From Baton Rouge, Louisiana, we have the pleasure of hosting Tau(Pronounced “too”). Speaking his soul on the track, I find Tau’s music nothing short of masterful.With production far above the average artist I hear and lyrics that can keep up with the bar the great production set. The Call Pt. 2 is my favorite song all the way through. The feature singing by D’asia complement the already top notch track perfectly. Hearing him murder this track led me deeper into his discography, where he continued to snap. Definitely worth a listen if not more.

Tau creates his music using FL studio and Pro Tools. He constructs the beat first, then the lyrics follow. During his music making, if anyone is near him in the studio he feeds off of their vibes and energy and uses it as his own. His uncles inspired him to rap. Being around rap for so long made him want to create his own lane in the music industry and introduce a new “feel and sound” to the game. His favorite artists are Krit, Kendrick, Cole and Big Sean.

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