Artist Feature: Tekowa Lakica

Tekowa Lakica
Artist Feature: Tekowa Lakica

Tekowa Lakica

Today we have the pleasure of featuring Tekowa Lakica(that’s Tech-Wa La-Key-Cha. I asked) from Hartford, Connecticut. The most soulful musician we’ve featured since the creation of My2Know, Tekowa illustrates emotion with every song. Everything from the eclectic instrumentals and extremely heartfelt lyrics, to the vocal techniques she uses to make you really feel everything she is feeling, listening to Tekowa is equivalent to taking your soul and immersing it in your deepest feelings. An especially standout feature is that she captures such depth in simplicity. Her music isn’t hard at all to digest, making for “any-mood music”. Can listen when you’re feeling down and it’ll bring you up, can listen when you’re feeling good and it’ll make you feel better. This is music I live to hear and it’s a blessing I got to hear it.

Usually when asked about an artist’s creative process I give a little summary of their answer, but Tekowa’s answer was so perfect I dare not ruin it with my own words.

Q: May we have A brief explanation of your thought process while creating music?

A: “I use music to step back and take a look at my experiences or my habits without being intertwined in them. It’s so hard to see things for what they are, your circumstances, your actions, your emotions, etc when you’re in them. I’m inspired by extreme feeling. Extreme joy, extreme pain, extreme love, extreme angst. It’s what pushes me to get anything out, and once its out it doesn’t hold so much power over me. So I hope that by being honest in my music about my own life, even when it’s uncomfortable or leaves me feeling raw, that it has that same effect on other people. Gives them the space to breathe and chill out because at the end of the day- we’re all humans going through different manifestations of the same shit. And we all want the same things: love, security, dignity, and peace of soul. I just try to make beauty out of the uncomfortable.”

That’s true wisdom.

Tekowa Lakica has always been around music. Her mom played piano, her dad played African drums and finger piano and her sister played Saxophone. Tekowa herself played violin and singing duets with her mother on piano. Since she’s been around music since a child, she cannot recall a time she’s been away from music and doesn’t see it happening anytime soon.

Tekowa has a wide range of inspirations from a reputable list of artists. Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, Digable Planets, Amel Larrieux and the Fugees are some of the more recent greats on her list. She’s also inspired by Some of the greatest to ever do music  like Donna Summer, Bob Marley, and Van Morrison.

Her favorite artists in the industry today are Mac Demarco, Kehlani, Erykah Badu, Beatbox Bandit, Swell, Anna Wise, Nick Hakim, Kaytranada.

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