Artist Feature: TRUFACTX

Artist Feature: TRUFACTX

Artist Feature: TRUFACTX

Today we have the pleasure of featuring New Jersey native, TRUFACTX. TRUFACTX has a style that incorporates singing, harmonizing and melodies on top of raps. The song “Top The Team” is a perfect example of how he can switch up his style from a sing-song chorus to a rapping and flowing on the beat. This song is one of my personal favorites sonically, it’s a banger you can play on the aux on a ride with your homies.

But TRUFACTX can also spit bars about topics of substance such as his emotions, racial oppression and his struggles throughout his life. A wide subject range and the ability to switch up styles is impressive, and TRUFACTX shows on more than a couple tracks that he can do it, not only as a singer but as a rapper.

When TRUFACTX hops in the studio he focuses on making music that has substance. When the pen touches the pad and he starts writing his music, he wants to be an influence, relatable, and one who brings feeling to the listener through their ears. His inspirations in the rap game are  Tupac, Kanye, Kendrick, Common, and Notorious B.I.G. He also notes his mother and close family are very strong influences on his music and life.

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