Artist Interview: Tyler Kinng

Tyler Kinng
Artist Interview: Tyler Kinng

Tyler Kinng

Hailing all the way from Bronx, New York Tyler Kinng also known as Savage God brings his own sound and style to the rap game with a flow that most resembles “Well Done” Tyga. Which is no surprise, because when asked “Who his favorite rapper is” he answered with no hesitation Tyga. From the, little music that I’ve heard from Tyler Kinng one track stuck out to me the most “Bad Influence” in which his rebellious attitude is on display. The song goes hard and I can see it having major appeal to adolescence in high school.

Besides, Tyga the bronx rapper named a few other individuals that helped motivate him to purse a rap career including  Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, and the instrumentals that his uncle would play. With his biggest inspiration coming from Playboi Carti. While he was dealing with a few bad months, after an incident in which he messed up his ears during a show, Carti motivated him to keep pushing and hang strong.

Tyler is very thankful for all of his supporters and promises to continue making music. His latest project “heartbreaker” will be coming out later this month on the 23rd of November. This projects is confirmed to have 14 tracks along with some talented featured artists such as Kerina Alex, Fendi Kihd, Naesworld, Shiloh, Sykaflo, Lil Ape, Lil Starzz, many more surprises guest.

In the future, Tyler would love to work with many artist including Young Thug, Lil Uzi, and YG to name a few. If he can continue, being consistent and working hard then the future looks bright for the rising NY rapper.

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