Artist Feature: Tyler Kinng

Artist Feature: Tyler Kinng

Tyler Kinng

Today we have the pleasure of featuring Tyler Kinng, a Broward County rapper that stuck out to me the minute I heard his intro track “That’s the mission”. We hear drive and motivation out of many artists in many different ways, but this one was such a direct statement that his music “spoke” to me in a sense. It didn’t feel like I was listening to a song, it felt like I was listening to a guidebook. His delivery is fantastic and the positivity is so contagious I couldn’t help but share it. Check it out, it’s worth the time.

Tyler Kinng makes music from his emotions and experiences. He writes so that he can articulate things he cannot say in normal words. First, he finds the beat and then fills in the lyrics. “A beat that acts as the canvas in which I can paint images vividly within the melody. I don’t want people to listen to my songs, I want them to feel them ya know. My biggest goal is for the listener to be able to see from my point of view, or for them to feel like they experienced it too.” and he hits the mark with his music.

His biggest inspiration is his mom, “her drive, sacrifice and unconditional love got me to where I am today. (Love you ma)”. Tyler Kinng can get creative inspiration from anything: movies, other musicians, art, documentaries, etc. For Kinng, he finds inspiration in almost anything and implements it in his work. His favorite artists are Kanye, Frank Ocean and Mac Miller, but his library is very VERY diverse. He listens to GoldLink to M83 to BROCKHAMPTON and more

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