Artist Feature: Wavyboy Duke

WavyBoy Duke
Artist Feature: Wavyboy Duke

Artist Feature: Wavyboy Duke

Broward County native Wavyboy Duke comes out snapping in his tracks. With a calm collected flow that rides the beat like a wave, Duke spits his life over bangin beats that’s going to send a message while making your head bop to every boom of the bass. In the track above “Make it happen” he effortlessly describes many aspects of his life and mixing witty lines like “I be up while you snoozin, you ain’t winnin you losin/ I’m so damn wavy, coolin on a typhoon”. Wavyboy illustrates his songs and that’s a quality everyone should appreciate in a rapper.

When Wavyboy Duke composes his music he just takes it day to day and describes the life around him. He tells his story of everything he’s witnessed and seen in the environment around him, from racist people, to his homies dying in the streets, to druggies to crooked cops. His music reflects this, and the listener can appreciate the stories told. Here’s another hit over “Closer To My Dreams”, along with another story.

Wavyboy Duke aspires to blow not just locally, but around the world. He wants to branch out and become a businessman, start his own clothing label and get all of his homies around him so they can all prosper together.

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